Association of Greek Chemists


The Association of Greek Chemists (AGC) is a public legal entity acting as the professional and scientific body of more than eighteen thousand Greek chemists. AGC acts under the supervision of the Ministry of Development and its headquarters are in Athens.

The aim of the Association is to promote the science of chemistry in the fields of industry, technology, education and research. More specifically:

  • Studies autonomously, or in cooperation with other scientific or social bodies on formulating its views on any issue relevant with chemistry or its applications. If asked so, consults the State on issues that are related to chemical inspection, chemical research, chemical education and on organizing the chemistry-related public sector services.
  • Supplies any possible aid for the application of chemical knowledge in order to generate wealth for the country.
  • Contributes on the society’s health, on the protection of the environment and acts to ensure healthy and safety standards at the working environment.
  • Edits journals, books and newsletters and caters for the information of the public on all issues related to chemistry, often in a simple non-scientific language, helping towards a better understanding from the citizens.
  • Participates in international organizations of chemistry and cooperates with relevant scientific bodies. AGC organizes congresses and symposia as well as other events to promote scientific knowledge.
  • Acts to protect chemistry as a profession and the interests of its members.

AGC aims at the development of scientific and professional consciousness and the promotion of cooperation among its members.